Install Openwrt on Dlink DIR-505 con't

17 May 2015

As previous post, I have OpenWRT installed on my little brick ( Dir 505 A1). This post I want to extend the functions with this.

My current home network setup:

Fiber link to the home --> Dlink Dir 505 via ether + openwrt ---> Wireless SSID extender with Totolink N151RT

The more you work with OpenWRT, the more you find it fancy. It works more than just a router/acccess point but you can do anything with it.

I even setup ad-blocking on this little brick to protect our home clients. I just tried two solutions and it worked smooth as it would be:

  1. Privoxy with transparent proxy and more block rule in user.action file.
  2. Dnsmasq as suggestion.

    PS: Also find Remarkable is a wonderful markdown editor and this post is tested with this nice app.

Have a nice weekend !

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